This is #MarchForSisterhood.
The first-ever all-digital march
—by girls, for girls, about girls.


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This is #MarchForSisterhood.
The first-ever all-digital march—By girls, for girls, about girls.

Join the March

On October 11th for Day of the Girl, Girls Who Code is organizing the first-ever global digital march, inviting girls around the world to stand up for what matters to them.

To join the march, post a video marching and share it on social media using #MarchForSisterhood and #DayofTheGirl. Use your caption tell people why you marched and bring awareness to what you’re passionate about!

Tag @girlswhocode, your friends, family, allies, classmates or colleagues to march with you!


It’s free to march and takes 1 minute to pledge


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This is #MarchForSisterhood.


Today, girls—and all who identify as girls—are more connected to one another than ever before. Our ideas and dreams spread quickly from one smartphone to another, allowing us to share our lives with another girl, family, and community a world away. And our connection isn’t merely digital. It’s rooted in a mutual understanding of the world we’re inheriting.


This makes us powerful. It makes us a sisterhood.


On International Day of the Girl, we celebrate that power and potential by marching together in the one place where we’ve always learned from one another, supported one another, inspired one another—online.


We’re marching for the girl

who created a recycling program at her school, and the one—a continent away—writing about mental health for her school newspaper.


We’re marching for the girl

working as an escort at her local reproductive health clinic, and for the girl starting a petition against gun violence.


We’re marching for the girls

running a 5K to fundraise for their local women’s shelter, and for the girls coding an app to raise awareness about immigration reform.


We’re marching for all of them & we’re marching for each other.

Like, share, follow. Engage, support, inspire. Organize, rally, vote. March, Repeat.

Together, we’re unstoppable.


The Leadership Council



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Special thanks to our Sisterhood Supporter

Special thanks to our Sisterhood Supporter: Craig Newmark Philanthropies